Emanuel Caiati

Emanuel Caiati
Attorney and Mediator

Patricia Barrett

Patricia Barrett
Financial Divorce Planner


Emanuel Caiati and Patricia Barrett mediate legal settlements for divorcing couples in Houston to save them money, time and stress

Emanuel Caiati and Patricia Barrett have, between them, a wealth of experience with divorce, child custody, and divorce financial planning. These dedicated professionals can help couples settle the details of a divorce and child custody — and also avoid the headache and tension of courtroom arguments.

Divorce peacefully in spite of dispute

Divorce litigation is expensive and nerve-wracking.

Caiati and Barrett work with divorcing couples in Houston to avoid litigation and to reduce the fear and stress that accompanies difficult and emotional life-changing decisions. By mediating, couples can avoid animosity, resolve their differences, and come to a mutually beneficial settlement. Working together, with their mediators, couples will develop parenting plans, asset division, and divorce settlements that are satisfactory to both parties. With the help of Caiati & Barrett Mediations, a couple can remain friendly and cooperative after divorce.

Years of experience in divorce mediation

Emanuel Caiati, a licensed attorney, has had a law and mediation practice for more than 20 years, serving Houston and the surrounding cities.

Patricia Barrett has more than 10 years of experience as a certified divorce financial planner and mediator.

For a complete description of their qualifications, please see the About Us section.

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