Emanuel Caiati

Emanuel Caiati
Attorney and Mediator

Patricia Barrett

Patricia Barrett
Financial Divorce Planner



Here are examples of how Caiati & Barrett Mediations has helped couples resolve their differences to negotiate a cooperative divorce settlement

"Patricia, I want to thank you for guiding me through this nightmare. Prior to our first meeting, I was afraid and anxious and had no idea what to expect. I knew my husband 'knew his stuff' and I was oblivious to our finances and investments, etc. (My mistake.) However, when I met you, I instantly felt more at ease. And as you explained the different ways to get a divorce to my husband and me, I became less uncomfortable and a bit more confident.

It has been excruciatingly painful after 38 years of marriage and 40 years of being together to realize that divorcing him was necessary for my self preservation. I knew I had to take a shot at happiness, and I absolutely knew I needed to be my best for my daughters.

So, thank you for not only doing your job, a very difficult job, in such an impressive and extremely capable way, but for your compassion and for making a very emotional and somewhat intimidating process into a not-so-unpleasant experience.

I will always be so grateful, Patricia."

      — MAB 2014

"Cooperative divorce is, in my case, the best way to handle the tremendous worries for the future of both parties. We did 'cooperate' with each other with the help of our financial planner and the mediator. They did not have an agenda to get a winner and a loser. They made it possible for us to be able to communicate with each other in respectful ways and continue on with our separate lives that was fair for both sides. Cooperation is the best way to end the relationship, and to be able to have a civil relationship in the future, especially when you have 3 wonderful teenagers that still love both, mother and father.

I'm very thankful that this was an available option for us, and I would hope that the courts would encourage this cooperative divorce and make it more accessible to all."

      — BP, 2014

"I knew divorce would not be easy. I had heard the horror stories about fighting over money. My spouse and I did not want that drama and agreed to try cooperative divorce. What we received was individual attention that brought us to the table to calmly and practically discuss our own separate futures, as well as what to do in the best interest of our children. We had a fair, practical meeting, with reduced emotions, where both our interests were protected but settled. With minimal financial costs, managed emotions, and alleviated emotional stress, the word cooperative explains our experience perfectly."

      — ACS, 2014

"I just wanted to say thank you again for all your hard work in helping me through the mediation process. You were so very thorough and detailed in your financial analysis, and I really feel that you made a big difference in helping me get a better settlement.
Best wishes to you always!"

      — JW, 2010

"I was very much impressed by the way you handled mediation in the absence of the mediator-lawyer who did not show up at all on one of the most important days for my daughter. Virtually single handed, you skillfully navigated the agreement, despite her husband's outbursts, and made the whole process complete and successful.
Thank you again. You are one of the best."

      — CM, 2013

"I think you have done a fantastic job and want to refer you to some other people. Your quick responses, clear answers, attention to detail, and organization are what have stood out most.
Thank you."

      — WS, 2011

"I just want to express my sincere appreciation for your help on my divorce, especially with regard to yesterday's mediation. You bring so much knowledge, wisdom, and insight to this process, I can't imagine how I could have gotten through this event in my life without you!
Thank you so much!"

      — PM, 2012